musical meanderings


February 04 - 2018

Struggle, I struggle
To reach the rim of this well
Honest, be honest
You didn't care when I fell in
Drown, I might drown
But ask yourself, "Who pushed me in?"
Walk,walk away
Can you live with your sin?
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Breathless Girl

October 27 - 2017

Gasping, she gasps, as she drowns in the air
Catch that breath, catch, catch it please!
Eyes betray the panic, with lips tinged with blue
Douse that fire in your lungs, stop the attacks in their tracks

My breathless gir .... more

Grapple X Baby

May 31 - 2017

Grapple X Baby, now what does that mean
Hell I want you all to try, and picture the scene
A long line of soldiers, all turning their backs
Because the flash will blind, as a matter of fact

Grapple X Baby, he's awaiting .... more

Crow's Feet - Hornets Nest

August 23 - 2016

Hornets Nest

*Album Out Now!*|
In light of recent events, Crows Feet have decided to release their album early. They have stated that, you should decide how much you pay for the album, but all money raised will go directly to supporting the family of their f .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 7 of 7

December 17 - 2015

Between Mockingbirds '2' album art work

Song 7 of 7. Well I'm going to use this precious slot for an unsigned band, and yes there is a huge shovel load of nepotism that comes with this selection. Yes it's Between Mockingbirds and "We Know Where You'd Go" a great wee band, a great wee tune, .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 6 of 7

December 16 - 2015

This Mortal Coil It'll End In Tears album art work

Song 6 of 7 has to be a song from the Cocteau Twins. I'm going to choose the cover of Tim Buckley's "Song To The Siren". Recorded as part of the This Mortal Coil project "It'll End In Tears". Once again there are far too many songs by the Cocteau Twi .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 5 of 7

December 15 - 2015

R.E.M. Document album art work

Song 5 of 7 has to be the song that made me really sit up and notice R.E.M. way back in 1987. It's 'The One I love' from the superb 'Document' album. The Spotify version is an unplugged version they did as part of the MTV series
Today I nominate .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 4 of 7

December 14 - 2015

Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation Cover art

Song 4 of 7. The half way mark. It has to be a song from the band who's music has, quite simply, been the soundtrack to my life. I first saw Thin Lizzy at the Glasgow Apollo in the summer of 1978 and it blew me away. To say I've been a fan ever since .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 3 of 7

December 13 - 2015

Julian Cope's Black Sheep cover Image

Song 3 of 7 has to be "All The Blowing-Themselves-Up-Motherfuckers (Will Realise The Minute They Die That They Themselves Were Suckers)" by Julian Cope. I've just got to honour this floored genius. His music has been a big influence on me for over 3 .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 2 of 7

December 12 - 2015

London Calling cover art

OK! I've got my brother Steven to thank for introducing me to this band. So song 2 of 7 has gotta be The Clash and 'Clampdown'. The lyrics just sum up how it felt to be a teenager in Britain in 1979. I could have lifted oh so many tracks from London .... more

7 songs for 7 days - 1 of 7

December 11 - 2015

Juju cover art

7 songs! Where to start?|
I do have to start though, so I'll start with a song from one of the best albums of 1981. I just can't go for the obvious though, so song 1 of 7 is going to be 'Into the Light' from the Siouxsie and the Banshees album .... more