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UK Military "Boots On the Ground" in Syria?

December 08 - 2015

Cameron stating his case to Parliament

During David Cameron's bid to convince the majority of MPs to extend UK air-strikes against Islamic State .... more

'All Day' Ticket (First Buses)

November 16 - 2015

'All Day' Advert

Last week-end I was to travel from my home here in East Kilbride to Hamilton for a much anticipated event.

So being aware of the much advertised 'All Day' ticket (see image) plastered on the side of every First Bus that traverse the town o .... more

It’s not about “saving their careers”

May 25 - 2015

Alex Rowley

I was reading Alex Rowley’s piece in Friday's (22.05.2015) edition of The National; where he calls for Labour’s Northern Branch to “become the party of Home Rule” in a bid to ensure the branch’s survival.

But I’m afraid changing ones spo .... more

How radioactive is your Pacific Salmon?

January 01 - 2015

Spawning Pacific Salmon

I read an article at this week, and to put it bluntly it raises serious concerns.

How radioactive is the 'Red Salmon' I was prepared to eat in a sandwich on Hogmanay? Wh .... more

Most Infuriating!!

December 11 - 2014

Scottish Power Logo

I received notification today through the post (10:35 delivery) from Scottish Power that one of their engineers would be calling round to inspect my boiler. The date of the appointment was anytime between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Thursday the 11th Decemb .... more