Grapple X Baby

May 31 - 2017

Grapple X Baby, now what does that mean
Hell I want you all to try, and picture the scene
A long line of soldiers, all turning their backs
Because the flash will blind, as a matter of fact

Grapple X Baby, he's awaiting that blast
What must he be thinking, as the wind rushes past
Standing arms outstretched, as far as they can
He's just gone and caught, one 'even atom tan'

Grapple X Baby, now that's not the norm
Man he just made it, through an Atlantic storm
But he made that journey, on the Warrior's back?
Dropped off at Kiritmati, underneath the Union Jack

Grapple X Baby, '57 was a misdeed
Just explode it on over, it just had to succeed
They're looking for success, by hook or by crook
Nothing like an 'Air-burst', for that wind swept look

Grapple X Baby, you Government man
And your race for power, and your hurried plan
But how many RADs, must have they absorbed?
The answers to that, have been all but ignored

Grapple X Baby, it was a miracle I was born
Kiritmiti, that mistress from whom I was torn
Once wondered, if I could be a marvel-ous mutant
But accepting the facts, I knew that I couldn't

But accepting the facts, I knew that I couldn't