7 songs for 7 days - 7 of 7

December 17 - 2015

Between Mockingbirds '2' album art work Song 7 of 7. Well I'm going to use this precious slot for an unsigned band, and yes there is a huge shovel load of nepotism that comes with this selection. Yes it's Between Mockingbirds and "We Know Where You'd Go" a great wee band, a great wee tune, and a great video. Did I mention my son Josh plays bass. :-D|
I hope you enjoyed the last 7 days!|

My final nomination is everyone else I know :-) go out and get selecting, music feeds the soul!|

YouTube: We Know Where You Go|

You can catch Between Mockingbirds on the 28th December at Broadcast Glasgow with The Lapelles and The Rivers, or on the 30th December at King Tut's where they are supporting Donnie Willow.