7 songs for 7 days - 4 of 7

December 14 - 2015

Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation Cover art Song 4 of 7. The half way mark. It has to be a song from the band who's music has, quite simply, been the soundtrack to my life. I first saw Thin Lizzy at the Glasgow Apollo in the summer of 1978 and it blew me away. To say I've been a fan ever since is a small understatement. I was hooked there and then. I was a Rocker! Despite my Mum insisting I take a can of Coke, an apple, and a pocket-full of hankies; "just in case". Oh so Rock 'n' Roll! (The apple got stoated down the street in a vain attempt at re-gaining the little to no street cred I had at that time). Mums sheesh!|
Anyway here's Opium Trail from the 1st Lizzy album (casseette tape) I bought, Bad Reputation. What a base line! Today I'm nominating my better half Stella who has become a Thin Lizzy aficionado by proxy. Sorry for the suffering my love. :-D|
YouTube: Opium Trail

Spotify: Opium Trail