Between Mockingbirds win Battle of the Bands

May 17 - 2013

Between Mockingbirds setting up Josh's band Between Mockingbirds kicked there stuff at the Glasgow heat of Battle of the Bands on Friday night (17.05.2013).

The prize up for grabs was a trip down to London to compete for a spot at the Isle of Wight Festival. Move over 'Bad News'.

'Between Mockingbirds' blew the other quality 9 acts off the stage with a blistering 4 song set; which included, 'Love Struck Man', and their newest ditty 'G-Song/DEA'.

It's now going to be a mad scramble to try and organize the trip down to 'that' London to support the lads in their attempt to secure that Isle of Wight spot.

I have everything crossed for their success.