UK Military "Boots On the Ground" in Syria?

December 08 - 2015

Cameron stating his case to Parliament

During David Cameron's bid to convince the majority of MPs to extend UK air-strikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) from Iraq into Syria, he categorically ruled out using British ground troops; commonly referred to as "boots on the ground". He stated that such a move would be "counterproductive". Claiming there are "70,000 moderate Sunni soldiers" on the ground in Syria who will manage the territory gained through air-strikes. Will they?|

However, I'm not convinced that British "boots on the ground" can be avoided. And this is why I've coded up a little timer (see top of page) to record just how long it is before; Cameron, et al return to parliament to try and convince us that "boots on the ground" are suddenly necessary to achieve the end game for this UK intervention into the Syria. Calling on these "70,000 moderate Sunni soldiers" will be like asking the entire Scottish football fan base to get behind the England squad at the upcoming World Cup. Highly unlikely. The implication is that this is one large like-minded group. But everyone knows it is actually the sum of many small factions, many of which with opposing goals/ aims, who might just, fingers crossed, do the necessary. For me that, as the Monty Python sketch says, "is where your argument falls to the ground" Mr Cameron. Not good enough in my books, I'm not convinced.|

The whole charade, that the steps being taken for the immediate safety of the British public were the Governments first and foremost priority, is just nonsense. That comes second, or worse, maybe third on the list. Saving face with the United Nations, NATO, USA, France et al; was in my opinion, the Government's priority. It was all about strutting their stuff; getting, as George Osborne has stated, their "Mojo back". A vain attempt at retaining GREAT Britain's perceived greatness and standing on the World stage, showing how high up the wall it can still piss.|

Just as time and events proved other Prime Ministers wrong. I believe that this intervention will do the same. When it does, Cameron will no doubt try and dodge that bullet, by displacing the responsibility back down to those who apparently furnished us with the intelligence being cited; the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC). As, according to Cameron, it is their "considered view" that, that is the number of "boots on the ground" available to the ‘bombing’ coalition.|

Date: 07.12.2015