'All Day' Ticket (First Buses)

November 16 - 2015

'All Day' Advert

Last week-end I was to travel from my home here in East Kilbride to Hamilton for a much anticipated event.

So being aware of the much advertised 'All Day' ticket (see image) plastered on the side of every First Bus that traverse the town of East Kilbride. I had surmised that my wife and I would make a considerable saving by making use of said 'All Day' ticket (as advertised, see image) as we would require to make use of two of First Buses' routes, the #21 service (the bane of my life, but that's another story), and the #201 service to Hamilton, to convey us from our door to our destination.

So, stepping on to the #21 service in EK we dully asked for our 'All Day' ticket (as advertised see image), which was then issued by the driver. As I've indicated earlier our journey required us to alight the #21 still within the confines of East Kilbride to continue our journey on the #201 service. It is this, dear reader where I was driven to take up my keyboard, and write about my then impending experience.

On boarding the #201, we were told that the 'All Day' tickets (purchased as advertised), weren't valid for the trip down to Hamilton, and were 'City' 'All Day Tickets' valid for travel to Glasgow. We were told rather curtly; spoken to as if we had knowingly used these 'City' 'All Day' tickets on a 'Local' 'All Day' ticket route; that we needed 'Local' 'All Day Tickets' to take us further than the Claderwood underpass on the A725 bypass.

It is now apparently clear, my 4.30 doesn't buy an unlimited 'All Day' travel on First Buses services; as advertised on the side of each of their buses. I actually need to stipulate to the driver which type of 'All Day Ticket' I require; as there are three types of 'All Day' ticket; 'City', 'Local', and 'Network'; (not advertised as such, see image). It appears the onus seems to be on the passenger to have; either by obtaining First Buses literature, or log onto their 'Greater Glasgow' website to discover this little nugget of rather important information. The problem with this however is the fact that I've been stressing! Nowhere on the adverts on the sides of First Buses does it indicate that there are three very different 'All Day Tickets' available.

Another point is that the ticket in question is referred to as a 'FirstDay' ticket on their website, which initially causes a certain amount of confusion, as again this is not how they are advertised on the buses.

  • East Kilbride ? Hamilton - 'All Day Ticket' 'Local' - 4.30

  • East Kilbride ? Glasgow - 'All Day Ticket' 'City' - 4.30

  • East Kilbride ? Dumbarton (via Glasgow) - 'All Day Ticket' 'Network' - 5.75

So, if you're buying your 'All Day'/'First Day' ticket, and want to get the best value from it, be aware and make sure to stipulate whether you want a 'Local', 'City' or Network' version.