It’s not about “saving their careers”

May 25 - 2015

Alex Rowley I was reading Alex Rowley’s piece in Friday's (22.05.2015) edition of The National; where he calls for Labour’s Northern Branch to “become the party of Home Rule” in a bid to ensure the branch’s survival.|
But I’m afraid changing ones spots to “save their careers” completely misses what has happened and what is required.|
In my opinion, it’s not about “saving their careers” or changing the party line to garner votes. It’s about representing the Scottish people honestly and with integrity. Standing up for what one believes in, not what one thinks will fly best with the electorate. They should succeed or fail on that belief because it should be far more important than one man’s/woman’s career in politics.|
Now if that means helping to improve things whilst in opposition then that is what needs to be done, participating and contributing in a positive rather than the current negative manner.|
Article from The National: 'Labour in Scotland must become the party of home rule or we will not survive'|