Most Infuriating!!

December 11 - 2014

Scottish Power Logo I received notification today through the post (10:35 delivery) from Scottish Power that one of their engineers would be calling round to inspect my boiler. The date of the appointment was anytime between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Thursday the 11th December 2014.|
WAIT!! That's today!|
Notification was dated 8th December 2014, so not a cat in hells chance of getting to me before 10th December.|
Can someone please point out the sense in the thinking behind their time line. Was I supposed to just drop everything to accommodate at such short notice?|
Unfortunately a card has also been shoved through the letterbox. Surprise! Surprises! It's from said engineer. 'I called you were out.' Date stamp 8.40am.| [Massive face palm!]