The National to become perminant

November 28 - 2014

First edition of Scotland's pro-independent newspaper - The National The National, the 1st pro-independence daily newspaper is here to stay.|
After a pilot of 5 days to gauge public reaction to the idea of a pro-independent daily newspaper. Asking, if it would be able harness the undeniable need and desire for such a journal? The answer from the public was a resounding 'YES'.|
The 1st edition print run of 60,000 sold out, whilst backed with 11,000 online sales. On day two the print run was increase to almost double to cope with the demand, and although sales have dipped ever so slightly over the remainder of the week, it is reported that The National is outselling more established papers such as, The Scotsman.|
I'm looking forward to getting Monday's copy, the 1st permanent copy, and watching how the paper grows and develops to fulfil the expectations of the pro-independence communities.|
Although I'm still a bit sceptical about the true driving force behind the publication's inception, I still welcome its existence, and will try and support it along the way.