Scotland's 1st pro-indy daily

November 25 - 2014

First edition of Scotland's pro-independent newspaper - The National I bought a copy of The National yesterday, and although the thought of a pro-independent daily newspaper for Scotland interests and excites me, I'm a bit sceptical about the true reasoning behind this new publication. One question just keeps rolling around in my head.|
Is The National truly borne from a will for independence, or is it just an exercise to try and tap into the potential cash cow that such a gap in the market has highlighted? You only have to look at the rise in sales of the pro-independence Sunday Herald during and post referendum as a prime example.|
Don't get me wrong there are plenty of brilliant projects arising from the ashes of September's failed attempt at independence, but these all seem to be driven by individuals who are openly pro-independence.|
Despite finding the paper a rather refreshing read, I'm yet to be convinced that the The National is actually what it says it is. I know it is early days, and opinions are yet to be aired on the many topics close to the hearts of those seeking independence from the UK.|
Only time will tell, but that time is far in excess of the slated 5 day publication time frame for this pilot project.