Abhorrent scenes in George Square, Glasgow

September 20 - 2014

Unionist Cause trouble in George Square I am absolutely sickened by what transpired in George Square yesterday.
To think now that to hold a dream of independence for my country may mean death by the hand of my own countryman, saddens me to the core.|
To think that if I choose to wave the Saltire it will be ripped from my hands by my fellow countrymen and burned, saddens me to the core.|
To think that if I have a differing opinion on the future of this country than you I may just get a kicking or worse murdered.|
Over the last few weeks I was labelled as being 'intimidating', part of an 'angry mob', a 'nazi'. There was no end to the accusations. I say wake up because here is the real intimidation the real angry mob, the real nazi ideology. This minority and I do stress minority of society feel they now have a mandate from the people through democratic process to impose their skewed loyalist views on any one who is not seen as conforming. The UNION JACK reigns supreme. 'OBEY YOUR QUEEN" or "DIE" is the message from last night.|
I feel my opinions make me forever a target of these thugs and bully boys who just don't get it.|
If the YES vote hadn't pushed the referendum as close, we would never be sitting here looking at a WM offer of even more powers, they just wouldn't be on the table. If the Scottish people had fully backed NO, UK would be continuing on with the status quo, and not now discussing the possibilities of the re-configuring of the whole political landscape of the UK (Scotland, England Northern Ireland and Wales). Our referendum did that, it has sparked the possibility of massive change. Change that hopefully benefits us all for the better.